Creating a new and powerful habit

Habits can help us put together new things we want, through determination, discipline and organization. Create habits that will lead you more and more towards success in your life.

How to form a new habit?

Forming a new habit requires the ability of rebuilding things, therefore a path in your mind should be created for that. Our mind learns a lot through repetition and it needs to learn the new way, so there will be a time when learned stuff will be done automatically. It’s like driving a car, after you’re trained you just don’t realize you have to change the gear or you just don’t think of any usual way to go.

The best way to form a new habit is to create a new shortcut in your mind, it’s easier than just trying to erase an old habit.

To stop doing things automatically, you need to draw your attention to new ones. To practice new mental mechanisms you should do regular things differently every day, like seating at a different table, finding another way home or trying on a new style.

When it comes to breaking a bad habit, first you need to find something pleasant to fulfill the emotional dependency. Just take care not to switch from a poor habit to another one.

A new habit will be completely set up after a minimum period of 21 days. It’s the perfect time for a habit to be formed in a deep-rooted way. It doesn’t mean you should stop practicing it after this time, tough.

If you’re willing to be into exercising for instance, try to have a walk for 21 day in a row with no excuses not to do it. After this period you will be missing the walks, but not before, and then the habit will be deeply installed.

Think of the reasons why you want to change and remember them whenever you think of giving up!

Good luck!

Spiritual Obsession, how does it happen?

There are many reasons that lead to spiritual obsession and many others that maintain it.

Obsessor spirits are dead beings who obsess living people usually because they need a favor or because of revenge. Many obsessors are commanded by a group of spirits in the same condition as them, acting like bosses. It’s all a big illusion for the obsessors, because they don’t exactly know the universal laws, they don’t understand that it doesn’t promote any evolution and they’re just getting into trouble. It’s just like when someone tries to harm someone else and believes there will be no consequences just because no one is aware. Sweet illusion!
Someone gets obsessed usually because they don’t know they should be in control of their own lives. It’s a two-sided process and there is self permission for that. In order to avoid it, people need to understand how they got to that point and learn how they got so vulnerable.
Obsessor spirits have very low energetic vibration and that causes the obsessed one to vibrate the same way. That happens when people just go with the flow and end up losing control of their lives.
Sorrow, bitterness, fears, irritation, resistance, worries and persistent thoughts contribute to people’s low energetic vibration and cause them to become vulnerable.
Addiction, such as alcohol and drugs, also leads people to very low energetic vibration and opens their channel to obsessors, because they love to be fed with those vicious emanations.
To get rid of that once and for all, first the obsessed ought to want it. Second, an energetic, emotional and physical restructuring must take place. Some people can do it just through determination, but others just can’t see a way by themselves.
Whenever someone decides to go under therapy, usually they get to change their energetic vibration in one month time, therefore they start to see some misleading facts in a different way, and because of that the obsessors will just go away, once the energy pattern will be totally different.