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The Angels of Atlantis - Seminar in Pensylvania

Next Seminar: May 8 2010. Instructor: Christina Hanser Information:

Based on Ancient Atlantean and Essene Wisdom

The Angels of Atlantis workshop provides the knowledge and corresponding techniques to work specifically with the Atlantean and Essene Angels, the Archangels and one's own Guardian Angel as conscious divine forces. The angels' task is to assist humanity to reconnect with its origin. However, most people in today's age of reason have difficulty believing that angels are real. And if even if they were real, most people have difficulty believing that they would intervene on a personal level. Certainly they must be focused on matters of much greater importance. Therefore, very few people ask for their assistance. Angels are in service to humanity. But they are not allowed to interfere with our free will. This means that if we do not ask for their assistance, they are not allowed to offer it. The purpose of this workshop is to enable the angels to occupy a more active role in our daily lives. The techniques offered in this workshop were practiced during tens of thousands of